Afrinolly Creative Hub was opened in Lagos for the provision of creative platforms and economic opportunities for emerging and established content creators.

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Youth Unemployment in Nigeria is over 48% according to National Bureau of Statistics. Similarly, Youth migration and human trafficking to Europe is unprecedently high. However, the Informal sector has offered a huge opportunity for job creation and economic growth. The entertainment sector is one of the main informal sector suitable for job creation.

According to Dalberg Associates, the informal sector is key to the growth of Nigeria economy but less than 5% of Youth employment interventions are currently focused on the Demand-side. A structured Hub in the Entertainment sector is a low-hanging fruit to drive youth employment and job creation.



The Afrinolly Creative Hub located in the heart of Nigeria’s commercial city Lagos is the first Creator’s Space opened for filmmakers, screenwriters, mobile technology developers, animators, artists and other creatives. Essentially the hub functions as “Where Technology Meets Art”. We want to use technology to organize Nollywood; Institutionalize global best practices and Integrate Digital Filmmakers/Next Generation Filmmakers.

The Hub was designed for film/video content creators to make videos, collaborate with other professionals in the film production value chain, attend training/workshops, network, host private screenings, and get post-production assistance using industry-leading post-production equipment and resources.

As the entertainment industries think tank, Afrinolly Creative Hub seeks to facilitate exchange opportunities and network development between Africa’s entertainment practitioners in the first instance and between Africans and international entertainment practitioners in the area of film/video content production and distribution.


a new way to create

To unleash the creativity of young people in Africa’s largest creator community; Lagos-Nigeria, we bring together the most creative people, build capacity across the entire production value chain and support co-creation of contents with unique African signatures.



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