Afrinolly Creative Hub was opened in Lagos for the provision of creative platforms and economic opportunities for emerging and established content creators.


Afrinolly Creative Hub participated as resource partners at the Creative Enterprise Support Programme (CESP) organised by the British Council for the top 60 filmmakers/film entrepreneurs in Ghana. The Creative Enterprise Support Programme which held from February 10, 2020 was packaged to deliver film training, mentoring and business development support to young and

Afrinolly Creative Hub's co-founder, Jane Maduegbuna was one of the guest speakers at the pre-launch of Semicolon Africa's partnership with Henley Business School. The Semicolon-Henley partnership aims to empower aspiring ‘techpreneurs’ with the necessary skills for driving innovation. In her address, Mrs Maduegbuna underscored the roles women play in driving economic and