Afrinolly Creative Hub was opened in Lagos for the provision of creative platforms and economic opportunities for emerging and established content creators.

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We are looking for male and female actors between the ages of 20 and 60 for roles in a TV Drama Series. If you have got what it takes to fit into any of the characters described below, this casting call is for you. Fill the biodata form, download and practice with the script of the role you intend to audition for.

Date; 1st and 2nd February, 2019
Time; 9 am
Venue; Afrinolly Creative Hub
Plot 5 Etal Avenue, off Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Lagos.


FASH, a young promising Nigerian artiste on the brink of his big break has a sudden encounter that throws him into a new world that challenges his sanity and puts him in a position to rescue the nation from impending self-doom. A thrilling world of music, romance, deceit and ambition, a tale plying alongside the inner struggle of an ordinary man with the burden of how to fix a country that doesn’t want to be fixed.

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Male 24-26 years

He is hippy, full of life, artiste, care-free, the only son, good-looking, dreamer, passionate, can sing.


Female 23-25 years

She is lovely, stubborn, artiste, geeky, has the letting-go syndrome, realist, smart, can sing.


Male 52-60 years

He is stern, neat, disciplined, quiet, tall, smooth talking, educated and funny.


Female 42-46 years

She is jolly, nice, a typical Nigerian mother. blunt, frank, emotional, traditional, sweet.


Male 52-60 years

He is mysterious. dresses in different traditional attires and has a sense of humour.


Female 24-26 years

She is pretty, sexy, hot, career-driven, disciplined, rich, the first daughter of the family.


Male 28-30 years

He is a bit plump/heavy, pleasant, business-wise, crooked, cunny, 90s stylish.


Female 23-25 years

She is a robust, pretty, sassy, worldly, voluptuous, hustler and she can sing.


Male 26-27 years

He is handsome, decent, intelligent, needs to settle down, dark-skinned, can sing.


Male 24-25 years

He is a sly, balding, tall, slouched but vibrant, and always in a suit.



This is a thirty (30) minutes per episode television series centred around how Nigerians are exposed to diverse issues on accountability and anti-corruption and how ordinary Nigerians are responding and taking steps to improve the system. A series that maintains its integrity as an entertainment program while it throws light on Social Justice issues. Essentially, a drama series which highlights corruption issues including promoting accountability, transparency, reducing corruption and the need for continued engagement.

The series will also highlight policies, systems and practices that stifle the voice of vulnerable groups (particularly women and youth) and make it difficult for them to effectively participate in the political, economic and social life of their communities in elective, appointive, and other decision-making capacities.

We seek to use the power of film to build a dramatic structure that helps people to not only see the issues that the drama addresses, but also see themselves in the stories. Our goal is to use the power of film to strengthen communities and improve lives. We believe that by partnering with non-profits, Nigerian storytellers can create stories that are both artistically compelling and socially significant.