Afrinolly Creative Hub was opened in Lagos for the provision of creative platforms and economic opportunities for emerging and established content creators.

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PAU/Afrinolly Short Courses

The School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University and Afrinolly Limited created three short courses targeted at aspiring creative digital media content producers. These intensive hands-on and practical courses will run for 96 hours over a 3-month period. The programme offers both fulltime (Monday – Friday) and part-time options (Saturdays only). Classes will hold at both the Afrinolly Creative Hub and Pan-Atlantic University Main Campus at Ibeju-Lekki.

This program is for existing and aspiring actors, film makers, scriptwriters, content providers, university graduates and entrepreneurs interested in pursuing a career in media production, and all those interested in creative digital story telling skills.

Date: 5th June – 31st August, 2018 | Cost: N275,000
18% off for Earlybirds [only N225,000] – offer ends 25th May, 2018


  • Learn from Industry Experts and Facilitators.
  • Create Short-Format Content to launch career.
  • Access to N6m Film Fund.
  • Access to production equipment, studio and post-production facility at Afrinolly Creative Hub.
  • Film Festival Distribution of Content.
  • Content Monetization Opportunities.
  • Internationally Recognized Certification.
  • Access to Afrinolly network in Nollywood.
  • Access to Pan Atlantic University network.
  • Opportunity for Germany Film School tour.


This is a short course to train students on how to make quality short films with both Android and iPhones. It also include a one-week Masterclass.

Course Components

  • Visual Planning [Pre-Production]
  • Mobile Filmmaking Gear
  • Setting up the Phone Camera
  • Filming Smooth Video
  • Steadicam Shooting
  • Lighting the Scene
  • Intermediate Mobile Video Editing
  • Shooting and Editing
  • Sound Collection/Design
  • Titles and Transitions
  • Mobile Phone Videos format delivery
  • Film Distribution Strategy
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This is a short course to train students to write stories for Film (narrative) and Television, creating memorable characters and learning the tool (Celtex and Final Draft). It also include a one-week Masterclass.

Course Components

  • Introduction to writing for Film & TV
  • Rules of Story
  • Film Story Arc
  • Understanding Intention and Obstacle
  • Developing the Concept/Scene breakdown
  • Creating memorable Characters
  • Researching Your & Incorporating the Research
  • Finding an Idea
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Learning to Write Scenes
  • Writing Captivating Dialogue
  • Writing a Script: Structure, Process and Plot
  • Learning the Tool (Celtex and Final Draft)
  • Working with other Writers
  • Pitching Your Story
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This is a short course to train students on acting for Film & TV, developing characterization, breaking down a script, preparation on and rehearsal, understanding character biographies and auditioning. It also include a one-week Masterclass.

Course Components

  • Introduction to Acting for Film & TV
  • Researching Fictional and Real Characters
  • Developing Characterization
  • Breaking down a Script
  • Preparation and Rehearsal
  • Understanding Character Biographies
  • Auditioning
  • Creating Characters
  • Voice Training & Character
  • Recreating Emotional Depth
  • Using Your Voice & Using Your Body
  • Working with Directors
  • Working with Other Members of Cast
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